Damir Sultanov

Front-End Engineer

I’m an experienced front-end developer with high UI/UX design and performance optimization skills. My forte is pixel perfect replication of the design into well-written code. I enjoy accomplishing difficult tasks and work carefully with every little detail. Mostly specialized on promo-like websites and web applications with complex front-end, but everything is discussable. Currently not available for freelance, sorry.
# front-end, back-end, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive/Adaptive, BEM, JavaScript, ES6, Vanilla.js, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Backbone, React, Redux, Ext.js, REST, SASS, LESS, Jade, Slim, Stylus, Bitrix, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Foundation, Pixel Perfect, Git, SVN, Node.js, Nginx, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Gulp, Grunt #
Let’s start something great together!Contact me at hello@fronteed.com and come back with a new task.
This site is coded using Node.js, Jade, SASS, BEM, ES6 (Babel), Canvas, Ajax, Audio & Page Visibility API.